Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Waiting on Wednesday {8}

Hi everyone! It's that time of the week where I tell you all which amazing title I'm waiting for!! Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Breaking the Spine :) And this week I have an awesome read for you guys to feast your eyes on. So here we go!

Title: Archangel's Storm
Author: Nalini Singh
Publisher: Gollancz (UK) | Berkley (US)
Release Date: 13th September 2012 (UK) | 4th September 2012 (US)
Series: Guild Hunter, book 5

Blurb from Goodreads:
With wings of midnight and an affinity for shadows, Jason courts darkness. But now, with the Archangel Neha’s consort lying murdered in the jewel-studded palace that was his prison and her rage threatening cataclysmic devastation, Jason steps into the light, knowing he must unearth the murderer before it is too late.

Earning Neha’s trust comes at a price—Jason must tie himself to her bloodline through the Princess Mahiya, a woman with secrets so dangerous, she trusts no one. Least of all an enemy spymaster.
With only their relentless hunt for a violent, intelligent killer to unite them, Jason and Mahiya embark on a quest that leads to a centuries-old nightmare… and to the dark storm of an unexpected passion that threatens to drench them both in blood.

Why am I waiting on it?
1) Hand's up who waiting on this with me!! Anyone who has read Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series surely can't fault my choice here. Although I almost wish it were another Elena and Raphael book. However I am more than happy to read about our scarred and elusive spymaster Jason, he's dark, dangerous and super sexy...what more could a single girl ask for ;)

2) The Blurb. For those who have read Archangel's Kiss will know that Neha's daughter was killed is that book. She was absolutely devastated and has been plotting against Raphael ever I'm intrigued as to how and why her Consort has been killed, and whether it will have anything to do with her daughters death. Who knows...

3) I can't wait to meet the woman who has finally tamed another of Raphael's 7. Spymaster vs Spymaster...I certainly foresee a wild ride ahead of us :). Though at this rate there won't be any yummy angels left for the rest of us :( HANDS OFF BLUEBELL...HE'S MINE!!

4) The sneak chapter Nalini Singh put on her website a few months back. I can't even explain how good it'll just have to read it for yourselves!! I've even made it easy and got you the just click HERE. Happy Reading!

5) Finally, it's out soooo soon...the reason I haven't done this book before I because I get neurotic just thinking about it...posting about it would have sent me into a book buying hyperdrive to fill the hole until this book is released. I finally feel secure enough to post without severe reprocussions ;)

Right then, let me know what you're waiting on!
See you for another WOW next week :)

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