I am always happy to be considered to review a book however if you are an author or publisher and you would like a book to be reviewed by me please read the following carefully. This also applies to guest posts, interviews, and promotional posting.

When requesting a review via e-mail, please be sure to include the book title and synopsis. I will be unable to give a response to an e-mail worded like this;
Dear Blogger,
I've been looking at your website, V's Book Life and believe my new YA romance *book title* would be a perfect fit. Please review it on your blog.
Yes, unfortunately I have had a request like that. This will not get you a reply as I cannot always find synopsis' on the internet and WILL NOT agree to review a book if I have no clue what it's about!

Request Criteria

Please do not submit any novels to be reviewed if they do not fit the criteria below. I will not respond to these requests.
  • I prefer to read a series in order so if the review you are requesting is part of a series (and is not book 1), I would like to have read the books prior to the one you wish for me to the review is not effected due to plot-line confusion on my part. However if it is a series where reading the previous books isn't vital to the book then it's not a problem.
  • I do prefer hard copies of books (both hardback and paperback) - there's nothing like the feel of a book in your hands. However I have Amazon's Kindle for P.C. (UK) so I do accept e-books compatible with this.
  • I'm sorry but I rarely accept self-published books, I purely do not have time to read them all. However if one sounds especially appealing then I will be more than happy to review it.

PLEASE NOTE: V's Book Life is a BRITISH run blog so please bear this in mind if requesting a review from overseas. 

Genre's I enjoy/ review:
• Paranormal/supernatural
• Urban/Dark Fantasy
• Paranormal Romance
• Young Adult Urban/Dark Fantasy
• Historical Romance (I especially like Ancient Greek based)
• Soft Science Fiction (I can't handle hard core sci/fi) 
•Horror - as long as it has a paranormal basis

I do NOT review
• Erotica
• Contemporary fiction
• Non-Fiction
• Religious themed fiction

I will do my best to respond to all requests within 5 buisness days however I do get overwhelmed sometimes. If you have not heard from me after 5 days you can assume I'm either not interested or purely don't have time to review it. Real life does get in the way occasionally..between work, university and your normal student social life, time can get away from me.

My reviews will be posted on this blog, Amazon UK and on Goodreads unless you specify otherwise.

If the book fits all that (I know I'm a pain) then give me an e-mail at


* All reviews will be my own honest opinion, I do not sell any copies I receive for review, however I may use them as part of a giveaway unless you tell me otherwise. Receiving a book from an author/publisher will not effect my review or rating.

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