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Interview + Giveaway for Widow's Web by Jennifer Estep

Hello everyone! Now earlier today I posted my thoughts on Jennifer Estep's upcoming release WIDOW'S WEB, which is book 7 in her Elemental Assassin series. To celebrate, I was granted a quick interview with the handsome, funny, and cunningly intelligent Finnigan Lane! I was ridiculously giddy because I love Finn, and I had such a hard time deciding on 5 questions to ask, so with a little outside help (thanks you guys) we managed to whittle it down. Let's get down to it :)

Vikki: So Finn, you’re dating Bria now right, Gin’s sister? What’s that like...has it had any effect on the relationship between you and Gin? (Would Gin as big sister still have to kick your ass if you broke Bria’s heart)?
FL: Yes, I am dating Bria. At first, I was just chasing after Bria because I was so intrigued by her. But I have to admit that my feelings for her have deepened as we’ve spent more and more time together. *Cough* Don’t tell anyone, though. *Cough. Cough.* I don’t want to ruin my reputation as a shameless womanizer.
Oh, yes. I’m sure that Gin would do her big sister duty and give me a very stern talking-to (at the very least) if I ever hurt Bria.

Vikki: Since you and Gin basically grew up together, was there ever a time where one of you had to cover for the other e.g. if one of you snuck out of the house, or broke a special vase, that kind of thing? 
FL: Of course. Although I have to admit that Gin covered for me far more than I did for her, especially when it came to sneaking into the house after curfew. I never could keep track of time when I was out having fun with friends or on a date with a pretty girl.

Vikki: I can so imagine a teenage you sneaking out. So, you and Gin have both proved you can handle yourselves in a fight...but who do you think would win if you two had a sparring session? 
FL: My ego demands that I say that I would win. *Sigh.* But in reality, Gin would. I might be able to handle myself, but she’s just as good a fighter as I am. Plus, she has Ice and Stone elemental magic, and I don’t, so that would give her an advantage.

Vikki: Good job you guys never really have to duke it out ;) I know Gin loves to cook, and you seem to love eating what she makes (I don’t blame you, it all sounds divine!) but is there a specific dish you often request?
FL: I have to admit that I’m a big fan of comfort food. Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, biscuits and gravy … it’s all good to me.

Vikki: *drools*.....Must...stop thinking about...amazing food....And finally, after a hard day’s work what do you like to do to relax and unwind? 
FL: I like to open a nice glass of wine and just relax, preferably with Bria by my side.

Vikki: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I hope everyone enjoys WIDOW’S WEB as much as I have!
FL: Thank you for hosting me on your blog. Happy reading, everyone!



Right, now for the giveaway part of the post. Here at V's Book Life we'll be giving away one copy of WIDOW'S WEB...I have my paperback copy on pre-order :)

The giveaway closes on the 8th September 2012 at midnight (EST) so you must have entered by then to qualify.
The giveaway is US ONLY, meaning it's only available to those with US mailing addresses.
Please read my giveaway policy before entering.
All right, that's everything so now all you have to do is fill out the form below.



Angkrosnick said...

I just love her books!

Tobi Helton said...

Not yet but I'm dying to!!! <3

sheryl said...

I have never read this series, but I want to!!!

Anonymous said...

Angkrosnick -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my books.

Tobi -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

Sheryl -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book.

Julie Rupert said...

I have not read any of these books yet, but they have been on my to r rad list for a few months.

Stay_Cee said...

I have, and loved them all. :)

Anonymous said...

When Jennifer Estep first show us how Finnigan Lane was like, a womanizer, I always thought someday, there would be a woman out there to teach him about real love. Then came along Bria... the way they interact and fight was amusing, I thought it would be her to handle him.

I love Gin's series and can't wait for the next book!~

Tj said...

I love Jennifer Estep's writing and the Elemental Series is a great read! Can't wait for the next book!

Anonymous said...

Julie -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the books.

Stay_Cee -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my series.

LilSherry -- Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying Finn's character.

Tj -- Thanks! I appreciate all the nice words about my series.

roro said...

i love her YA books. i need to get the adult ones, good luck all

Barbara E. said...

The Elemental Assassin series is one of my favorites. I got to meet Jennifer Estep at the RWA Literacy signing in July and it was the highlight of the day. And that was an event with about 400 authors there, including Nora Roberts (who I also got to meet).

Vikki said...

@Barbara E.
Ahh, man I'm so jealous!! I intend to make my way over to the US at some point over the next few years...and it'd be amazing to meet more of my favourite authors!!
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

Chinyere said...

I only have book 1, but I would like to read the subsequent books in the series.
Thanks for the giveaway

donnas said...

I have. Its one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Roro -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my Mythos Academy books.

Barbara -- Thanks! That's so nice of you to say. It was nice meeting you too.

Vikki -- Thanks for hosting me on the blog. I appreciate it.

Chinyere -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the series.

Donnas -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my books.

whitewolfreads said...

I love all of Jennifer Estep's books and I'm really looking forward to Widow's Web!

mandy720 said...

Her books are awesome :)

Audra said...

I am such a fan girl--I have all of the books for this series it is great

Kathy said...

No. I have not read this series.

Anonymous said...

Whitewolfreads -- Thanks! Hope you enjoy WIDOW'S WEB.

Mandy720 -- Thanks! That's nice of you to say.

Audra -- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the series so far.

Kathy -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the series.

Texas Book Lover said...

Not yet but it sounds terrific and is on my TBR list!

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Texas Book Lover -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out my books.

Vivien said...

I have and I absolutely love this series!!! Need more :)

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