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Review: A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom

Hi everyone, today we delve into the life of Triton, Greek God and womaniser extrodinaire...but can this man be tamed by the love of the right woman?

Title: A Touch of Greek
Author: Tina Folsom
Publisher: Tina Folsom
Release Date: 30th September 2010
Series: Out of Olympus, book 1
Source: My Personal Copy

Blurb from Goodreads:
Selfish and gorgeous Greek God Triton is cast out of Olympus after seducing Zeus’ mistress and can only gain reentry if he finds a woman who loves him for his kindness and selflessness, not his beauty. When the mortal Sophia – recovering from an eye operation and virtually blind – needs a home healthcare worker, he takes on the role, hoping she will be his ticket home.
While defending Sophia from an unknown adversary, Triton’s protective instinct emerges. At the same time rival Gods do everything to doom him to failure. And even if Triton can win Sophia’s love, will he throw it away to return home, or will he lose his own heart to the only woman who truly sees him?
A Touch of Greek is the first book in the humorous and sexy paranormal romance series Out of Olympus following the romantic adventures of four Gods: Triton, Dionysus, Eros, and Hermes.

First Line: 'What would be the punishment this time? A year in Hades for giving it to Zeus' mistress du-jour? Seemed like a fair exchange Triton thought. It could be worse. He could be bridled from any sexual activities for a decade - which would suck to say the least. Anything, just not that! He'd never survive it. Not sating his sexual urges for a week bordered on excruciating, a decade would be pure torture.'
Yeah...I wasn't too keen on Triton at the start either. He doesn't exactly make the best impression does he? Thankfully there is more to A Touch of Greek than the ramblings of a sex crazed God who has the oh so brilliant idea of sleeping with Zeus' mistress!! Triton is basically an egocentric, womanising ass in the beginning, his punishment however takes the floor out from under his feet. For sleeping with Zeus' woman Triton is cast out of Olympus and stripped of his powers, he can only reclaim his rightful place IF a woman falls in love with him because of something other than his looks. Considering Triton is drop dead, let me pick my jaw off the floor gorgeous...this task is harder than it sounds.
So, the genius' they are, Triton and his friends Dionysus, Eros and Hermes decide that the best solution to this problem is to find a blind woman! Granted it's quite a cunning plan but still a little heartless, and Triton is still being a complete ass about it. But can they find a woman who fits the criteria that Triton can successfully woo?
Sophia first meets Triton in his first few days among humanity. However Sophia is the one person who has ever rejected Triton... and this intreigues him, he can't stop thinking about her. When Sophia is temporarily blinded from an accident in her home Triton senses a golden opportunity, a way to get back onto Olympus as well as purging the memory of Sophia from his mind. Triton steps in as Sophia's Home Healthcare worker to get close to her but instead of sleeping with Sophia and leaving Triton begins to fall for her...leaving doesn't sound so simple any more. But forces are determined to see Triton fail in his quest, will the couple survive the wrath of the gods or will they be parted forever?
'Triton instantly shook his head. "It'll be a cold day in Hades when I issue a blank IOU. I'm not desperate enough for that."
"I think you are. By the way, I had a look at the woman you're working on right now. Nice piece of ass. Firm tits even without a bra was quite a sight when she stepped out of the shower this morning."
Before Triton knew what he was doing, his fist connected with Hermes' face, snapping it backwards. "You asshole, you spied on her?"
The god held his bloody nose. "Hey! Since when is looking an offence?"
"You don't look at her, do you understand me?" Triton hissed. His heart was pounding as his hand continued clenching and unclenching. How dare Hermes look at her naked? Nobody was allowed to look at her, but- Triton stopped his thoughts in its tracks. Seeing Sophia in her undergarments this morning had been arousing enough. The thought that Hermes had seen her without a stitch of clothing was unacceptable. He wouldn't allow this to happen again.'
Triton, Triton, Triton...I must say he isn't the most loveable character but I did warm to him eventually. As the son of Poseidon, Triton has had it pretty easy. Which is probably why he is such an ass in the beginning, I really was not keen on him as a character. BUT as Triton slowly begins to fall for Sophia, his softer side emerges, diluting his arrogance to the point where he's almost likeable. Triton will never be one of my favourite men but I will give credit to Tina Folsom because Triton still having an arrogant air about him at the end fits him perfectly! I can't stand it when characters have a complete personality change halfway through the book, a few weeks around one woman (even Sophia) would not be enough to re-write thousands of years of being an arrogant, womanising idiot. It just wouldn't be believable. So kudos for that :)
Our leading lady is Sophia and boy does she make the book for me. She's not weak and she will stick to her convictions throughout. I honestly just loves the fact that when she first met Triton (before she is blinded) she called him a HIMBO! Which is great...and in trying to prove her wrong Triton just pushes Sophia further away. She isn't shallow at all so if anyone could break Triton's curse it's our Sophia. Sophia has problems of her own, due to a clause in her aunt's will, if Sophia dies childless then her scheming cousin Michael inherits everything she owns...something Michael is quite determined to see through. Can Triton protect her from all the 'accidents' befalling her or will a more malevolent force separate them forever?

I enjoyed A Touch of Greek to a certain extent. It's a nice light hearted read, a little bit of comedy (namely when our four trouble makers are together) and some romance. I did like the interactions between Triton and his 3 best friends, Hermes, Eros and Dionysus but was less keen on the romance aspect. Don't get me wrong A Touch of Greek is a good romance but I personally disliked some of the cruder language Triton uses, it just spoils the scene for me because it doesn't sound very romantic. It didn't completely spoil the book and I can almost forgive it because it was used during Triton's asshole phase where he didn't seem to hold women in high regard...but it does linger in my mind. Either way A Touch of Greek has some pretty hot scenes and was a breath of fresh air because I haven't read many light hearted takes on Greek mythology.
One bigger problem I had was that there was too much of a HEA... I mean suddenly the cousin out to get Sophia disappears, and then once Triton and Sophia are together EVERYONE who had it in for Triton are suddenly no longer concerned! It was all wrapped up too nicely for my liking, heck it even had a pretty pink bow on top! Not that I have a problem with HEAs but this one wasn't explained thoroughly enough for me. I still liked A Touch of Greek though and will look out for book 2, which I believe is Dionysus' book :)

My Rating 3.5/5


TheReadingPenguin said...

I don't know, there are an awful lot of Greek myth based books out right now. I'm not sure if I'm up for another one or not. Great review, though!

Vikki said...


Thanks, I agree about there being loads of Greek myth based books...some I've read are better...some worse. I'd read this if you are looking for a Greek based book that isn't too heavy going :)

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