Saturday, 7 April 2012

Feature and Follow {7}

Hey Guys! It's Friday which means Feature and Follow time! tthis is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Feature and Folow allows all us bloggers to connect and share our thoughts on a particular topic. This weeks question is;

Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

I can honestly say I've never gone out and specifically found a book because of a negative review. If I'm questioning whether I should buy a particular book I will look around on Goodreads and blogger websites to see what people think. I can admit however that I am one of those people who if they see some 1 star reviews on Amazon or Goodreads I will immediately read them *looks ashamed*. Some I don't take seriously...if there is only one line that says 'I hated it!! Only got 3 pages in before I had to put it down!' then I won't take much notice however if the reader has expanded and explained what they didn't like then I give it more credence. I like to have that balance of positive and negative because naturally one book won't be loved by everyone. I do buy books that have mixed reviews if I like the sound of the blurb and have enjoyed any excerpts...but negative reviews may cause my to proceed with caution.
Childhood memories! Happy Easter Everyone!
Alright, let me know what you think! Don't worry I don't bite (well...not as much as I used to) and I will always follow back :)
But no...I've never read a bad review and immediately gone 'I must have that'.

Happy Easter everyone!


Jenn Renee said...

I try not to pay too much attention to reviews. If I am on the fence about a book I will check out reviews on goodreads. new follower, twitter, gfc, linky and network blogs. happy friday

my wow

Kristan said...

I like to research my books before buying them. I'll be more likely to buy a book if there is a lot of positive feedback than buy one with bad reviews. It isn't my determining factor when buying a book but it definitely helps making the decision.


Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Kelly said...

Lol! I'm kind of similar - sometimes books that get lots of 1-star ratings are ones I just HAVE to read for myself to see if it's truly as bad as everyone else seems to think!

New Follower :)

Feature & Follow at Radiant Shadows

Megan said...

Hi! im a new follower check out my feature friday

Rachel Cotterill said...

Me too - I'll always check out the lowest reviews as well as the top ones.

Following from FF - sorry it's taken me a while to get round to you! It's my first week joining in, I hope you might have time to visit my FF post.

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