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Review: Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

Hey everyone, just finished Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione, I love this series!

Title: Immortal Rider
Author: Larissa Ione
Publisher: Piatkus (UK) | Grand Central Publishing (US)
Release Date: December 1st 2011 (UK) | November 22nd 2011 (US)
Series: Lords of Deliverance, book 2
Source: My personal copy

From Larissa Ione's website:

The prophecies were there but no one listened.  Until now.  They are the Lords of Deliverance and they have the power to usher in Doomsday . . . or prevent it.
Sexy, powerful and immortal, Limos is on a crash course with destiny.  She's been marked as Satan's bride and her jealous fiance wants her all to himself.  The only way this Horseman can keep herself - and everyone else - safe to keep her distance.  But not even Limos can save herself from the secrets she's kept . . . or resist the seductive allure of one very brave human.
Arik Wagner knows the saying 'love hurts' better than most, yet he never thought stealing a kiss from Limos would land him in hell.  Literally.  It takes all his military training to survive the demon torture, but once he's topside, Arik realises that the agony has just begun.  With the Apocalypse looming and Satan demanding his bride, will Arik and Limos surrender to the dark desire smouldering between them?  Or will giving in to their passion unleash hell on earth?

I am a HUGE fan of Larissa Ione, her Demonica series is awesome and I am so glad that characters from that series keep popping up in the Lords of Deliverance (Wraith especially). The Lords of Deliverance series is focused around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Immortal Rider concentrates on the one and only female Horseman...Horsewoman...erm...not too sure on that. Either-way, her name is Limos and if her seal ever breaks then we're all in trouble as Famine will be loosed.
Contrary to popular belief, the Horsemen aren't actually evil until their seals break, if that happens start praying for a miracle because these warriors will show you no mercy. Not only will Limos become famine if her seal breaks but she will have to return to her fiancĂ©e's side. The same man who she has spent the last 5,000 years running from. Satan. Betrothed to him as an infant Limos has fought tooth and nail to avoid having to marry the ultimate evil and for 5,000 years she has succeeded. Until the day Arik steals a kiss. Then everything goes to hell...Literally.
Arik (who you may remember as Runa's brother from the Demonica series) is a member of the paranormal military division R-XR and from the day he first set eyes on Limos he's found her attractive...despite the fact she broke his ribs. So he can't resist stealing a kiss from this gorgeous warrior woman. Unfortunately Satan doesn't take kindly to anyone 'messing' with his bride and mere seconds later Arik is dragged into the depths of hell itself. He is then subjected to an entire month of torture at the hands of demons who attempt to get him to say Limos' name while in misery. Why? Because this is one of the ways Satan can legally force Limos into the depths for hell to become his bride. Though I think he just enjoys torture too. However Arik is resistant and, with a little help, manages to pull off the most miraculous escape of the century. But it costs him dearly, he will be forever changed...and hunted.
"Damn," Arik breathed. "I need to help-""You can't." Ares's voice was intense but level, a sign of respect from one warrior to another. "You'll only lead the demons back to them.""So when can I go back?""Don't you get it, Arik?" Limos asked softly. "Lucifer is after you. My brother owns your soul. You will forever be a liability to your own race. You belong with us now" 

I love these two characters, Limos especially. She is a brilliant heroine. She initially seemed a bit strange as she has a lot of clashing personality traits. Outwardly she's a very girly-girl, painting her nails constantly, drinking sugary sweet cocktails. But you know there is a kick-ass warrior who can take on the best (and probably win). Her brothers may have a protective streak when it comes to her, but she definitely doesn't need coddling. And God help you if you cause her to break a nail, then she'll probably kill you...and slowly at that. Limos has a dark past, full of secrets she keeps from her brothers. But as Limos and Arik become closer, his unnerving ability to call her on things she doesn't want to admit comes dangerously close to exposing the terrible truth she hides. Will the revelation of these secrets bring Arik and Limos closer, or will they drive away the only man she has ever loved. More importantly, will her family come out of this in one piece?

This entire book is packed full of action, there are many surprises along the way for all the Horsemen. Thanatos (whose book is next) is given a great set-up and I'm jittery knowing I have to wait to find out what happens. I cannot fault Larissa Ione, I loved Eternal Rider but I have to say that this even tops that. The best book f hers I've read so far and I seriously can't wait to see what happens to Than given the revelations in here.

All in all a fantastic read and I recommend it to anyone who loved a good action packed romance (though you should read Eternal Rider first).

My Rating: 5/5

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