Friday, 13 January 2012

Is she over-reacting?

A small selection of the books I own
Ok, so today, my lovely house-mate and I were sat on the sofa - taking a break from revision (we have exams on Tuesday) and randomly in the middle of the conversation she goes 'Vikki...I think you have an addiction'. I thought she meant tea..I was drinking my 5th cup of the day. But apparently she means my book addiction. Then she asked me the hardest question I've ever been many books do I own?! 
You see, Hols (my house-mate) has about 7 books in the house at present. Where as I apparently have 142.....yes she had counted them as part of this little intervention.

Anyway we need your opinion. Is owning 142 books too many (She thinks so)? Or is Hols just over reacting (I think so)?

Love xxx


Sidne said...

girly NO,tell her actually thats nursery school level. lol.
I'm a bibliophile. I have to date 512 hardcover books. yes i do thanks for hubby and son counting them as I placed them in about sixty bins. yes, I did move them all with us to our new home across state. I now have a nook and kindle. we not going to go there. I'm getting reading to decorate my home library, lol. will send you pics to show her. lmbo.

V said...

Yey! Glad to know I'm not the only one with loads. I also have at least another 150 at my parents house (couldn't fit them all in at university). I did wonder about getting a Kindle but I like the feel of a book too much haha.

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